1997 Female Player: Helen Biddle

Helen Biddle

Female 1997_Helen Biddle.jpeg

The first baseman/outfielder, Helen Biddle, excelled in the clutch, always coming up with top performances in the biggest games. She also averaged over .500 during a 30-plus year slow pitch career. Biddle played Women’s A ball with Stroh’s Lassies and Outsiders. In mixed ball, she played with the Batavia Moose and Glidden Drug Store.

Biddle was twice named to the Women’s Class A Illinois All-State team (1980-1981), and was a three-time member of the USSSA Class A Women’s All-World team (1979-1981). She was named Best Female Defensive Player at the 1982 Mixed Competitive NIT in Hutchinson, Kansas and was on the 1984 Mixed NIT All-Tournament team in Rockford, Illinois.

In 1984, she was named to the Women’s All-Time All-World team by the USSSA National Hall of Fame Committee. In 1985, Biddle won the USSSA deBeer Pollack Woman of the Year Award.