2017 Meritorious: Jeffrey E. Myles

Jeffrey E. Myles

Meritorious 2017_Jeffrey E. Myles.png

Graduating from Northern Illinois University in 1996, Jeff Myles only wanted a part-time job as an umpire to help pay the bills he acquired as a student. Little did Jeff know that becoming an umpire for the DeKalb Park District would lead to bigger and better leadership roles in the world of Illinois USSSA Slow Pitch Softball.

Jeff Myles started as a league umpire in 1996. After four years of league play, he was hired full time as the assistant athletic director for the DeKalb Park District and became a league director for USSSA in 2000. During his tenure as a league director, he organized and ran leagues and umpires. He received the USSA League Director of the Year Award in 2000 after his very first year. It was in 2003 when Jeff had a chance to umpire weekend USSSA tournaments, including state and divisional tournament games in Illinois. From 2006 to 2012, Jeff Myles had the distinct pleasure to umpire men and women World Series Tournaments in Florida where he was able to see the difference between USSSA and other softball organizations. He received the Illinois State Director Umpire Award in 2007.

Jeff was the Illinois Umpire-in-Chief from 2009 to 2013. During his tenure as the state U.I.C., Jeff described some of the biggest challenges to include unifying all umpires as one and expanding the number of umpire clinics in the state under one voice. He received the Illinois Distinguished Service Award in 2011.

Jeff became the Assistant State Director from 2013 to 2016, where he was in charge of hiring and working with the Illinois Umpire-in-Chiefs as well as new and existing tournament directors. He served as a tournament director for numerous qualifying state and national tournaments in Illinois. Jeff identified the largest challenge during his tenure as the Assistant State Director to be organizing the USSSA Men’s Major Conference Tournament in Joliet, Illinois from 2012 to 2014 saying “that was truly an eye-opening experience.”

Jeff continued his leadership role in Illinois by becoming a member of the Illinois USSSA Hall of Fame committee in 2013 where he experienced working directly with Brenda Paulson, Mike Peura, John Sturgill, Helen Biddle, Ken Franzen, Ron Lindenberg, Orvel Cox, Myron Schroeder, Brad Lindmark, Jim Cushing and John Kramer. Jeff reflected on this experience sharing that “it is through working with this committee that I learned the rich history, true committee and passion of the people who are dedicated to the colors of USSSA from the entire state of Illinois. It has truly been an honor to represent my generation of softball on this committee.”

Jeff Myles has served in every leadership role in the Illinois USSSA up to the executive director position. At every level of leadership, Jeff’s goals remained the same, to make a difference, learn how to be a better leader than before and lead by example. Jeff is proud to leave that has his legacy with USSSA.