2016 Manager: Dave "Cat" Catalani

Dave "Cat" Catalani

Dave Catalani.jpeg

Dave Catalani’s managerial journey began in the 1970’s with Highland Liquors and was competitively fueled in 1985 with the creation of Shortley’s Corner, which won the highly competitive Stone City League over Class “A” Burla Construction. This accomplishment drew attention to the team and its individual players.

In 1999, one of the finest teams in Illinois USSSA play was created in Ken’s Beverage Inc. (KBI). This team won numerous state and national tournaments, 15 Joliet city tournaments and 2 world titles in the 40 & Over in 2002 and 2014. In addition, the team had several other top 10 finishes during world tournament play.  This included Class B, C, D and 40 & Over and 50 & Over divisions over the years.

Cat boasts that his success could be attributed to the recruitment of 28 Illinois USSSA Hall of Fame players that have played for him over the recent years. A line-up of hall of famers can make anyone look good, he admits.  He also credits his 26 year affiliation with team sponsor Ken Reimer, a 2011 HOF inductee in the sponsor category, for making this great journey possible.

Dave is honored to become a member of the 2016 Illinois Hall of Fame and promises that the journey will continue as long as he still cares about winning, while not letting a non- hustling umpire off the hook, and still has the desire to hang out with the team instead of staying in his room reading a book.

We know that it may be a while before Cat reads a best seller, and welcome him to the Hall of Fame!