2010 Female Player: Denice "Toodie" Moss

Denice "Toodie" Moss

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With six National Invitational All-Tournament team selections and five State All-Tournament team selections, Toodie undoubtedly ranks as one of the finest women outfielders ever to participate in the Illinois USSSA organization. With a career batting average of .825, her speedy left field performances provided Jaeger Saw, Box's BBQ, Kinney Shoes, 3-Hammer Construction, King Potter, Improv Press and Prairie Moon Saloon teams a quality all around team player. During her participation, her competing teams compiled top four placements in two State Tournaments and six NITs while placing 5th in a World Tournament.

Toodie chose Box's BBQ as her most favorite team, as they could hit the ball well and had unlimited speed at all positions in the batting order.

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Her most memorable softball experience was while playing against a team in a Joliet Tournament and she was 5-for-5 prior to her hitting an inside-the-park grand slam in the bottom of the 7th inning to win the game.

She also realizes the opportunities that the Illinois USSSA has provided has allowed her to compete against some of the finest players in the game.

She hopes to be remembered as a player that participated well during her 15 years of competitive play, despite having limitations. She also wishes to be remembered for playing hard every game because of her love of the game.

2010 Female Player: Wendy Fudge

Wendy Fudge

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When Wendy was asked, "What was your funniest softball experience?" she answered, "There are too many to write about." That provides the answer of why Wendy spent so many years playing a game she loves and a game that has seen her provide unending leadership on and off the field.

Her player bio has her beginning playing USSSA in 1976 with the Rockford Comets, which expanded to individual accolades with a National Invitational All-Tournament selection with the Class B Rochelle Bank team in 1978. The following year, she began play with her most favorite team, The Prairie Moon Saloon in 1979 through 1982. The "Moon" captured 2nd place in the A State Tournament and 5th in the World Tournament at Hutchinson, Kansas. In 1983 through 2000, Wendy provided countless hits and RBIs for the Improv Press, King Potter and Blackhawk Athletic squads, while winning the National Co-Rec Tournament at Rockford with Diamond Dave's and being selected to the All-Tournament Team.

Wendy credits her success as a player to several coaches that motivated and taught her how to do it the right way. They include Dick Hahn, Ken Paulson, Al Dahlmeier and Jess Fudge. She also recognizes several players that were outstanding players and teammates that made her better in Sheila Rheinhold Eversole, Vicki Brown, Mary Gifford, Denice Moss, Maureen Mosstocci, Mary Ann Englehardt and Pam Nichols.

Wendy also states that the USSSA was not only fun to play, but the friendships made along the way are priceless. When you meet someone 30 years ago while playing ball and they are still your friend, that's what it is all about. This outstanding 2nd and 3rd baseman has been named to All National and NIT teams 4 or 5 times, but nothing can compare to her selection and induction into the Illinois USSSA Hall of Fame.