2011 Sponsor: Kenneth T. Reimer

Kenneth T. Reimer

Sponsor 2011_Kenneth Reimer.png

In a span of a decade, since 2001, Ken's Beverage teams have captured over 25 tournament titles, while competing in five different classifications. This is due to not only Ken Reimer's generosity, but the assembly of on-field talent that has created highly competitive squads that carry the Ken's Beverage sponsorship logo.

In 2001, Ken's captured the Class B State Tournament. In 2003 and 2004 they won the 40 and over state title. In 2007 Ken's captured the open state title, and in 2008 again took the Class B State Championship. In 2002, Ken's Beverage captured their first world title at Cocoa Beach, Florida, as they won the 40 and over World Tournament.

Two years later, Ken's Beverage finished 2nd at the 45 and over World Tournament at Orlando, Florida, and in 2008 another Ken's Beverage squad finished 5th in the Class C World Series at the Disney complex.

Sponsoring teams for 22 seasons has allowed Ken to put winning into perspective, as he reflects that winning is fine, but if his teams have fun, the losses do not matter. Commenting on how the USSSA has provided opportunities to his teams, Ken says, "They are doing something right to be going this long and strong. It gives me great pleasure that Ken's Beverage is well represented at work and play."

When asked who got him started in sponsoring teams, Ken replied, "Dave Catalani did and is the main reason I continue to do this every year, as he always surrounds himself with quality people making KBI well represented."

with all of the success stories that Ken's Beverage has found over the years, the most memorable remains winning the Joliet City Tournament for the first time. They have captured that prestigious title 9 times.

The Illinois USSSA Hall of Fame recognizes Ken Reimer for not only his years as a team sponsor, but his dedication to providing his best for many years.