1998 Umpire: L.N. "Milt" Morse

L.N. “Milt” Morse

A 23-year veteran of USSSA umpiring who has found the time to give back to the game of softball, L.N. “Milt” Morse would umpire wherever softball was being played in the summer and traveled the state of Illinois during the 80s teaching umpire clinics each spring. He always had a friendly smile and took the time to say hello not only to his fellow umpires, but to the players and their children too. He knew that the game of softball, which provided him with some extra income, would not exist without the players and fans of the game.

He attended USSSA National Umpiring Clinics in Nashville, Tennessee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chicago and Rockford. He was selected to work in 17 consecutive USSSA Women’s National Invitational Tournaments held annually in Rockford.

Morse was also selected to work the USSSA Men’s Class B World Tournament in St. Louis, Missouri in 1979. This gave him the opportunity to see how umpires from other areas around the Midwest worked the game of softball. If Rockford was the host site for a USSSA tournament over Labor Day weekend, you could be sure Morse would be selected to umpire the prestigious event.

Sportsmanship has always been the number one item on his agenda as an umpire. He demanded the rules be observed and fair play was given to both teams. Sportsmanship would be required from not only both teams, but from himself at all times.

Morse’s love of the game of softball has kept him near the game he wants to be associated with. He has found that the Illinois USSSA tries to run all their events at a top-notch level. He feels that the Illinois USSSA takes the time and gives the effort to teach and train their umpires so quality remains each and every year, even after some of the top umpires have decided to step down from umpiring.