2017 Umpire: Jerry Hoiness

Jerry Hoiness

Umpire 2017_Jerry Hoiness.png

Over the past 27 years, Jerry Hoiness has umpired many men’s and women’s leagues and tournaments in the Rockford and surrounding areas. He has umpired numerous National Invitational, Divisional, National and State Tournaments at the B, C, D and E levels, as well as a few World Tournaments.

When Ken-Rock Community Center transitioned from youth fast pitch to slow pitch in 200, “Hoiny” became their schedule and UIC for the kid’s program in 2002.

Jerry takes pride and joy in umpiring and coaching the kids, developing their softball skills and watching them grow into adults playing softball. Hoiny would like to see more defense in the adult slow pitch game and would like to see more enforcement of illegal bat rules. He says, “We need to promote the leagues to younger kids leagues to help with the numbers of players coming up to keep softball alive and thriving.”