2015 Umpire: Mike Reeves

Mike Reeves

Mike Reeves.jpeg

Although his officiating career was cut short by a leg injury in 1989, Mike Reeves established himself as one of the finest umpires to ever call a game in the Midwest area. He was well-known and well-respected wherever and whenever he took the field. He estimates that he averaged calling 300 games per year.

Mike held umpire clinics every year for all the umpires in Southern Illinois. He had the ability to train young umpires using his knowledge and expertise. This greatly enhanced the USSSA softball experience in the southern part of the state. Besides umpiring, he would hire and assign umpires for seven to ten different leagues. He was an asset to all league directors. He was the Southern Illinois Umpire in Chief for eight years and he called all the USSSA tournaments in the area. He feels fortunate to have been able to call World & Divisional Tournaments.

Mike could have also been inducted into the Illinois Hall of Fame in the Director Category. He served as the Southern Illinois State Director from 1984 to 1988 and was awarded State Director of the Year in 1988. During his tenure as a director, he organized and ran several State tournaments.

“Mike Reeves could do it all! He was a great umpire and in addition to directing Umpire Clinics in Southern Illinois and working numerous tournaments, Mike also worked Divisional Tournaments in Rockford with his partner Steve Manning. He was also a great Director and we missed him when he left USSSA to pursue his educational career. But we’ve finally found him and we are acknowledging all his USSSA efforts by Hall of Fame induction,” said Brenda Paulson, former Illinois State Director.

Mike feels that softball is an excellent way to obtain some exercise and to socialize with others that have like interests. He has always been proud to have been associated with USSSA as both an umpire and director.